I’m Shirin, a biologist turned bioinformatician turned data scientist. During my PhD and Postdoc I worked with Next Generation Sequencing data to analyze diseases like arthritis. However, I then chose to become a data scientist for a German IT company, called codecentric. In this capacity, I have been working on many different projects, e.g. building fraud detection models, creating a chatbot, implementing predictive maintenance, and more. My tool of choice for data analysis so far has been R but I also work with Python. I am also very passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, so I give workshops, talk at conferences or meetups, write blog posts and organize the the MünsteR R-users group on meetup.com.

I also teach a Data Camp course in hyperparameter tuning with R and I’m on the program committee of the Minds Mastering Machines M3 conference.

My journey to Data Science

I love dancing and used to do competitive ballroom and latin dancing. Even though I don’t have time for that anymore, I still enjoy teaching “social dances” once a week with the Hochschulsport (university sports courses).

I created the R package exprAnalysis, designed to streamline my RNA-seq data analysis pipeline. It is available via Github. Instructions for installation and usage can be found here.

This blog will showcase some of the analyses I have been doing with different data sets (all freely available). I will also host teaching materials for students to access in conjunction with R courses I am giving.

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Also check out R-bloggers for lots of cool R stuff!