Last week I published a blog post about how easy it is to train image classification models with Keras. What I did not show in that post was how to use the model for making predictions. This, I will do here. But predictions alone are boring, so I’m adding explanations for the predictions using the lime package. I have already written a few blog posts (here, here and here) about LIME and have given talks (here and here) about it, too.

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I’ve been using keras and TensorFlow for a while now - and love its simplicity and straight-forward way to modeling. As part of the latest update to my Workshop about deep learning with R and keras I’ve added a new example analysis: Building an image classifier to differentiate different types of fruits And I was (again) suprised how fast and easy it was to build the model; it took not even half an hour and only around 100 lines of code (counting only the main code; for this post I added comments and line breaks to make it easier to read)!

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